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Top Sales
Job Age Sex Education Number
Top Sales 20 - 35 unlimited High school / secondary 8

1, under the leadership and supervision of the higher level to complete the quantified work requirements, and be able to independently deal with and solve the responsible task;

2, the development and maintenance of new and old customers, understand and explore customer needs and the desire to buy, and promote business transactions;

3, open up new markets, develop new customers, increase product sales profit;

4, coordinate the entire process from the customer orders until the delivery of the customer's hands;

5, to provide professional consulting services to customers;

6, collect the receivables.

financial accounting
Job Age Sex Education Number
financial accounting 20 - 35 woman More than junior high school 1

Job description:

1 responsible for the daily accounting, financial accounting;

2 responsible for bookkeeping, and carry on the work, and carry on the account, the account check;

3 responsible for the closing, the preparation of accounting statements, arrangements for the declaration of taxes and fees;

4 assist finance manager to manage business plan, budget and check list;

5 responsible for banking, taxation, business related business management, etc.;

6 responsible for the preparation of tax returns and all kinds of financial statements;

7 complete the tasks assigned by the finance manager.

Job requirements:

1 22-45 years old, men and women are not limited;

2 college degree or above, major in accounting, financial management, junior accountant title;

3 have more than two years accounting work experience;

4. Have certain financial analysis ability, familiar with the national relevant financial, tax, audit and other policies and regulations, skilled use of MS office software, skilled use of financial software UF software, skilled in handling accounts and prepare various reports;

. sense of responsibility and principles, and things objectively and fairly, rigorous due diligence, under pressure, good analysis judgment ability, language expression ability, open-minded, good professionalism and team spirit, sense of confidentiality.

software engineer
Job Age Sex Education Number
software engineer 20 - 38 unlimited More than junior high school 3
Job responsibilities: responsible for the company's product design, development, optimization;
Post qualification:
1, familiar with the Windows message processing, dynamic library call, COM call;
2, familiar with the ticketing software or master.Net programming technology is preferred;
3, familiar with network programming, Socket, WebServices and other technologies have practical project experience;
4, proficient in a relational database, such as: SQL, server ORACLE, can skillfully use the SQL language;
5, computer related professional college degree or above, more than two years work experience;
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-17:30

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