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Why do I have to use the Mingshuo control interface?

DATE:2016/5/30 17:49:48

Advantages: reducing the financial burden! Improve work efficiency! To improve the accuracy of billing! Convenient enterprises to realize the automatic management of information!
Billing mode Mingshuo tax interface allows you to bid farewell to the traditional, fast / bulk / Auto / invoice!
No longer for billing and headache trouble!
Say goodbye to the old billing work overtime! Say goodbye to the old entry invoice dizzy!
Mingshuo Jinshui interface to help you solve all financial problems!

Guangzhou Mingshuo Mdt InfoTech Ltd is developing a focus control interface has a history of 10 years! Support the introduction of Excel, TXT, XML file format, it is compatible with the "space" and "Baiwang" billing software! Has the perfect docking of the sap, UFIDA, Kingdee, Suda, housekeeper, digital China, the wave of golden abacus and so on ERP, invoicing, and financial system. To provide customers with comprehensive financial information solutions to help enterprises to solve the problem of repeated financial input to reduce the workload! Check the bill eliminates the need to solve the problems of financial problems, all 6 cents error! Let billing accuracy error free! For often need to use the split, merging, statistics, query and customer name mapping and so on function Mingshuo tax control interface can be fully resolved.

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