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 2020/9/11 15:29:29
The tax ukey invoice system is a new one issued by the State Administr...[details]
 2016/10/25 10:35:57
According to the food and Drug Administration provides the latest phar...[details]
 2016/6/16 14:12:48
Electronic invoice is the product of the information age, like ordinar...[details]
 2016/5/30 17:30:43
Golden space interface scheme: support 2 new billing system! At the sa...[details]
 2016/5/30 17:33:35
Piovan Jinshui interface scheme face a large amount of the invoice is ...[details]
 2016/5/30 17:39:09
ERP tax interface docking program, directly to the ERP is connected to...[details]
 2016/5/30 17:40:41
Customization docking program, according to the different functional r...[details]
 2016/5/30 17:41:47
Excel import version of the Golden Tax interface, support fast into ex...[details]
 2016/5/30 17:42:43
TXT text format to import version, support a variety of formats into, ...[details]

Financial Problems
 2016/5/30 17:48:06
Guangzhou Mingshuo Mdt InfoTech Ltd is developing a focus control inte...[details]
 2016/5/30 17:48:27
The general business as long as useful to ERP system shows that the co...[details]
 2016/5/30 17:48:52
Analysis: in the face of the special needs of the enterprise, Mingshuo...[details]
 2016/5/30 17:49:48
Lighten the financial burden! Improve work efficiency! To improve the ...[details]

Camp changed to increase
 2016/5/30 17:50:48
Premier Li Keqiang made the government work report in the country, whe...[details]
 2016/4/1 17:22:13
A few days ago, Premier Li Keqiang in the national "two sessions" for ...[details]
 2016/4/1 17:13:55
That time the real estate industry business tax VAT will soon become a...[details]
 2016/4/1 17:13:39
The VAT invoice will gradually as the provisions of the industry as a ...[details]

Tax news
 2016/5/16 21:12:39
Recently, Lou Jiwei, the Secretary of the Treasury in 2016 annual meet...[details]
 2016/3/29 15:20:49
Reporter was informed that the author Wang Yungui, director of the com...[details]
 2016/3/30 10:21:29
The Ministry of Finance recently released the notice about fully open ...[details]
 2016/3/30 10:24:00
In order to create a market environment for fair competition and promo...[details]
 2016/5/16 20:17:42
May 13th, the 3 day of the tenth session of the tax collection and Man...[details]
 2016/5/18 8:39:19
Up to now, the camp to increase has been in full operation for half...[details]
 2016/5/19 8:35:23
What is a group company? It is generally believed that the group compa...[details]
 2016/5/20 8:39:23
We are a value-added tax general taxpayer enterprises, by the end of S...[details]
 2016/5/21 10:43:00
On May 19, Party Secretary of the State Administration of Taxation, th...[details]

 2018/12/27 14:52:27

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