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The construction of the humanized management as the center of the enterprise culture, people are the greatest resource in the enterprise, the most effective method for the management of the company, is through cultural subtle hint, this is the culture. Enterprise culture Zhishizhizhong to reflect the characteristics of human center, which indicates that the "human management" is the core content of corporate culture. Company to have vitality, first of all to activate, make people have the energy, to stimulate human's enthusiasm, we must in the management of the company into a positive culture give hope to everyone and give everybody with a clear goal. The company should also play a positive role in the human resources department in driving the company culture. The human resources department can establish a certain reward mechanism to help executives to promote the construction of enterprise culture.

Their own image of Mingshuo technology design and publicity should be consistent with the spirit of the connotation of the enterprise culture, Mingshuo technology enterprise culture to create the effect, affects and restricts the company for the service of social organizations engaged in activities may reach the effect. Mingshuo technology should be materialized and external focus on the role of the spirit of enterprise culture connotation in the process of management and promotion process, in order to achieve the image content, unity of form and content.

Core values: value creation, value realization

Purpose: professional, intelligent, fashion, the development of enterprises

The eternal spirit of enterprise excellence, grasp the most high

Business philosophy: to strengthen the core competence, brand value innovation

Occupation character: loyalty, dedication, pragmatic, cooperative

The management motto - relaxation, mutual appreciation

Service concept: the experience of growth, mutual achievement

Zhirenshanren -- and get the best view of talent

Learning attitude, learning is sustainable competitiveness

My motto: professional, so I'm good

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