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API integrated docking program

DATE:2016/5/30 17:45:35
ERP and VAT invoice system API integrated docking program
The so-called API integration: is the "Mingshuo tax control interface" hidden directly to enterprise ERP system, and reduce the financial billing steps, for the use and management of ERP system is more convenient, but integrated premise is enterprise must have the technical capability to modify the ERP. Or is the enterprise ERP system is open plug-in interface allows you to add our tax! If you can then choose to integrate our docking program that is the most perfect!

ERP and VAT invoice system docking program

ERP system is the enterprise management is a good helper, the current Mingshuo anti-counterfeiting tax control interface can docking of various brands of ERP system. For example: ERP system, sap, Oracle, Kingdee, UFIDA, speed up, housekeeper, Ding Jie, wave, etc. or separate financial system and invoicing system can perfect butt! The enterprise management must be involved in all kinds of series of data chain management.
1, from the sales orders related to sales customers, sales volume and selling price, delivery time and other data processing
2, the production department to review the order, confirm whether the production can guarantee punctual delivery, through the review
3, make the production plan, purchase plan, purchase orders, production planning, rolling plan, data processing
4, warehouse material receiving, data warehouse report
5, the production of materials, semi-finished products manufacturing, inventory data processing, WIP production data report
6, product storage processing, storage warehouse report above data, are relying on ERP software system.
ERP system since the whole enterprise information management processes, so does the financial billing how enterprise ERP system and VAT invoice system connected to a direct transfer of billing data? "Mingshuo tax control interface, can perfect enterprise ERP system and VAT invoicing system connected to achieve data sharing, in after the vote was finished can also be billing data is written back to the enterprise ERP system to facilitate enterprise management billing data information, realize enterprise comprehensive information management.
"Mingshuo tax control interface, can help enterprises solve all the problems of the financial billing, also can help the enterprise to realize the comprehensive information management.
Flow diagram of system
Functional characteristics:
Specific advantages
(1) without additional hardware investment, enterprise ERP system will be with space anti fake tax controlled billing system to achieve seamless connection, ensure the consistency of the financial system and tax controlled billing information.
(2) without repeated input, reduce the work intensity of billing staff, simplify process, improve work efficiency.
(3) billing to billing data timely backfill to financial software, to achieve data sharing and interaction, the financial software sales documents and golden tax invoice are in one-to-one correspondence, provides an important source of data for the subsequent sales and financial reconciliation, verification and financial software statistics show.
(4) in the work of financial invoice document merging, resolution, discount treatment in solving realistic problems, change "brain judgment" for the computer automatic processing, operating trajectory tracking and operation process of "restoration" provides important information technology support.
(5) to facilitate the work at the same time, standardize the day-to-day business operations of the billing staff, really meet the enterprise high quality, low cost, high efficiency, automation, integration of the anti fake tax control invoice management requirements, the billing accuracy rate of 100%.
According to the enterprise information system, we design two schemes: the interface scheme of general database interface program and EXCEL file.
A general database interface version
The scheme for direct connection enterprise ERP database, sales records, and the sales records for merge, split, turning button operation after print out tax invoices, and invoice information automatic backfill to the ERP database.
Function introduction:
Document selection: documents and information in the ERP system, can realize the document number, date and other combination condition query
Modify the document: manual editing to modify the selected document information
Document merge: selective multiple documents issued with a copy of the invoice
Documents: the rate and split split over the invoice amount of documents, the normal documents or need to split
Invoice: return the invoice information (invoice code, invoice number) synchronization backfilled to ERP system
Invoice: according to the information query query invoice number, invoice number and other conditions of documents
Invalid invoice: the invoice has been cancelled
EXCEL or TXT file interface version two
The scheme does not need to be connected with the enterprise ERP system database, based on the ERP system is derived to excel or txt fixed format template file using the file import automatic billing.
Function introduction:
EXCEL template customization: according to the demands of the enterprises can import custom format
For the same commodity with the name and specifications of commodity automerge
Price type selection: the price in the import file types, including tax and non tax two.
Rate selection: customized products in the import file tax invoice are only a tax.
Automatically select: flexible choice of product details in the imported file is automatically select.
Invoice: according to the information query query invoice invoice code, invoice number and other conditions.
Modify the document: manual editing to modify the selected document information.
Document merge: selective multiple documents issued with a copy of the invoice.
Documents: the rate and split split over the invoice amount of documents, the normal documents or need to split.
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